DHR Technique in Bhubaneswar

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DHR Technique in Bhubaneswar

DHR Technique for Hair Loss in Bhubaneswar

DHR(Direct Hair Restoration) is the latest technique of hair transplant which offer natural-looking results for hair loss. DHR is a surgical, painless treatment as it does not involve scalpels. You will grow your hair back naturally after the completion of DHR Technique for Hair Loss in Bhubaneswar

Effective & Natural Hair Restoration Results

This procedure promotes the growth and survival of hair follicles. In this process, hair follicles is moved from the donor site to the recipient area. The hair follicles implantation is done one by one to the area of recipient in order to cover the bald area. Our experts place it at a perfect angle & direction for the most effective and 100% natural-looking hair restoration results.

Suitable for Both Men & Women

DHR Hair Loss Treatment in Bhubaneswar is perfect hair restoration treatment for both men as well as for women. This treatment is painless with quick recovery and requires the hands-on-experience to perform it successfully. We at Enhance Clinics have expert team of professionals who have proven record of performing DHR technique on many patients successfully. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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