Hairline Reconstruction in Bhubaneswar

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Hairline Reconstruction in Bhubaneswar

The hairline is the most noticed and visible part of an individual’s head and the reason for the hair loss from frontal hairline may be due to a genetic problem or any other reasons. Most of people are prone to this problem after the age of 30 and after 40 years of age, there may be progress in hair loss making the frontal hairline even less dense. Therefore Hairline Reconstruction Surgery in Bhubaneswar is required.

Techniques & Procedure Used for Hairline Reconstruction

The two hair transplant techniques are known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Transplant is used for hairline reconstruction at Enhance Clinics. Our doctors have immense expertise and will discuss with you before drawing a new hairline and use an artistic approach to provide the desired results which look perfect on your face. 

Get Natural Looking Results

Our experts give the special care towards the angulation, orientation, & position of each graft in order to provide natural-looking results. If special care is not given then it can destroy the complete appearance of a person. We use the latest technique for hairline placement and you can avail our services at the most competitive Hairline Reconstruction Cost in Bhubaneswar.

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