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Precautions to be taken before getting a Hair Transplant Surgery done

If you are planning to undergo a Hair Transplant Surgery, you should consider the following tips to get value for the money you spend

1) Be aware of Frauds –

Nowadays the hair loss problem is so common that many centers of hair transplantation in Allahabad have opened everywhere. Most of them are incapable and not efficient enough to provide you good results. They do not have any experience & expertise and they just tempt the customers with attractive Advertisements. You should ensure that the center you choose is authentic and reliable. Do not fall into the trap of fraud online companies that guarantee 100% effective results in a short span of time as there is no such thing. You will just end up wasting your time and money.

2) Do some research –

Try doing some homework by yourself. Find some reputable hair transplant centers and read about them on their website. You may find details regarding the technology and methods used by them for hair transplant surgery, the approximate cost, their past treatments on patients and their result, achievements by the surgeon etc. Check the centre is a registered centre having a license to practice. You will also come to know about the brand value of the centre by doing some Internet surfing.

3) Testimonials –

It is always advisable to inquire about the previous performance and track record of the centre before finalizing it. You can read the ratings and reviews given by the patients in the past as they are very helpful. If it is possible, you can meet any such person, who has taken the treatment for hair loss from a particular centre in order to know more. Ensure that the centre you choose has a good reputation and positive track record.

4) Do not choose Cost over Quality –

It is not wise to choose a centre which is offering a low-cost treatment but doesn’t guarantee positive results. Think analytically before choosing a centre and do not choose it on the basis of the cost only. Inquire who will be the surgeon, his experience, specification and degree of expertise. A well-reputed centre of hair transplant in Allahabad may charge comparatively more as compared to an inexperienced one but you will get good results for sure. Hair loss surgery is not one such thing you will go for on a regular basis thus try to make it a one-time investment. Spend a little more and get permanent and better results.

5) Consultation with the surgeon –

After finalizing the centre, consult with the doctor there. Tell them about your hair loss problem in detail and ask for a suitable method for that. There is a number of methods to treat hair loss and after listening to your problem, the doctor will suggest you the best method for you. He will also tell the risk involved with the particular method and time to be taken after the surgery for recovery. At this time, you can also negotiate regarding the total cost if you are a valuable customer or have any reference.

6) Recovery Time –

Once the surgery is done, you will need some time to recover completely. During this post-surgery period, you may feel pain and swelling in scalp, irritation or sourness. There is no need to worry too much about it as these are normal effects. The surgeon will give medicines, painkillers and steroids to reduce the pain and swelling. Certain habits are also required to be adopted to shorten the recovery time. You should listen to the surgeon carefully and follow all the prescriptions.

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