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If you are planning to undergo a Hair Transplant Surgery, you should take care of certain things before and after the surgery to experience the most effective results.

Before the surgery
Many hair care centers of hair transplantation in Kota include the phase of preparing before surgery. The patient will be taken care of and prepared mentally and physically for the surgery. The process before surgery develops confident in the patient and also becomes positive for the results. Below are mentioned some of the important points you need to keep in mind.

Massage your scalp
You should regularly massage your scalp before 20 to 30 days of the surgery. Pick any decent oil like coconut oil or olive oil and massage the scalp with light hands for 10 to 20 minutes. It helps to soften the skin of the scalp and enhance blood circulation. Prefer the time of night for massage as you can leave the oil overnight which is more effective.

Stop taking certain drugs
You should stop taking some drugs like anti-inflammatory, anti-depressants, beta-blockers, etc before some weeks of the surgery. Some doctors do not allow vitamins and supplements also. Tell your doctor clearly if you take any medicine and he will tell you whether you can continue it or not.

Do not have a haircut
It is better if you do not have any haircut at least before 1 month of the surgery. Having a good number of hairs on the scalp of the patient will help the surgeon to find sufficient hair follicles and it will also help you to hide your scars after the surgery.

After the surgery
Surgeons of hair transplant in kota tell you the things to be taken care of in the recovery time. You are also given some painkillers and steroids to boost the recovery time. You should follow all the instructions carefully. Some other tips to help you with hair care after the surgery are –

Do not expose the head in direct sunlight
The sunrays contain harmful Ultra Violet rays which may badly affect the skin of your scalp as it is delicate and sensitive after the surgery. Avoid going in sunlight for some days after the surgery and if it is extremely necessary to go outside, do not forget to wear a cap, scarf or any other protective gear.

Do not intake alcohol
You should not drink any alcoholic beverage for at least one month of the surgery. Alcohol is not good for health and it may stop the blood circulation to your scalp. It has been reported that many after surgery damages have been done if the alcohol was consumed by the patient. You may have to face opposite results as there are chances of increased hair fall on alcohol intake.

Avoid smoking
Like alcohol intake, smoking also stops blood circulation. You should know this fact that proper blood circulation is very necessary for new hair to grow. Thus if you notice positive results in less time it is better to stop smoking in case you are a regular smoker. You should leave smoking at least for a month if you do not want to have a side effect.
The Cost of Hair Transplant in Kota is also reasonable.

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