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Are you looking out for the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai? But it all sounds the same to you when you search for them on Google,

Well! Finding the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Have you thought about the factors that you would consider before searching for the best hair transplant clinic?

We want to discuss the factors that we believe one lookout for when they are searching for hair transplant clinics for proceeding further with hair transplant surgery. Just like good health and youth hair are also becoming a significant part of one's life. Your hairstyle and length can be the distinct features of your identity. When hair fall starts, there is also a psychology effect on one's well being as well.

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Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai

Since ancient times, your hair is considered a mark of beauty. Whenever describing anyone, we never forget to describe their hair - curly, straight, black, Golden, highlighted, or Bald. Nobody in this world wants to lose their hair, and that's when hair transplantation comes into the picture.

Most of the people are scared to undergo hair transplant surgery because they are mostly confused between hair fall and hair loss. There is a vast difference between hair loss and hair fall.

Hair fall is something that doesn't stop your hair from growing, and it is falling out of your old hair so that new hair can take their place. But when hair loss occurs, it's like losing your hair but never getting them back. Hence, before proceeding with the surgery, you should consult your doctor and confirm whether you have hair fall or hair loss. 

Hair fall can occur due to dandruff or usage of the wrong products. Various factors can lead to hair fall, but you can rectify them by using home remedies.

There are different home masks that you can use to get back your hair and restore the damage done. 

To restore the damage of hair loss, you need to go for hair transplantation surgery. Discovery of hair loss can be a very stressful condition for both genders; however, according to various surgeons- at least 50 -100 hair strands falling is considered to be healthy for a human. 

But if you are not getting those back, then it falls into the category of hair loss. When hair loss occurs, it can hamper your self-respect and self-confidence. It can also impede your image, and your overall personality is affected. 

However, balding is not the end of the world. One should know that there are various techniques by which you can get that hair back.

If you are looking out for the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai, then you should consider Enhance hair transplant clinic with a 100% success rate and usage of modern technologies. Doctors at Enhance Clinic are really helpful and are always available for your help. It is the most entrusted brand nationwide.

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Dr. Manoj Khanna

Dr.Manoj Khanna

“Dr.Manoj Khanna is a celebrity hair transplant and cosmetic surgeon operating in India and Asia Pacific. With having done more than 4800 successful Hair Transplants


Dr. Ashutosh Misra

Dr. Ashutosh Misra

Dr. Ashutosh Misra is a senior plastic surgeon. He completed his MBBS, post-graduation MS and specialization Mch in plastic surgery from IPGMER Kolkata


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I always felt God had deprived me of looking pretty. I was so obsessed with having dimples. Some of my new friends think I was born with them! I am so happy with my Dimples


Done Hair Transplant from Enhance Clinics Noida branch. Dr. Nikhil is superb, no words for him. Best Hair Transplant in Delhi The Clinic Manager Snigdha is also too cooperative. 

New Delhi

When I noticed my neck sagging, I was shattered! I then did a research about a neck lift and chose Dr. Khanna at Enhance. True to his reputation, the results are great. I feel superb


Dr. Khanna, you are truly awesome. Your work is so artistic. I am so thankful that you knew EXACTLY how I wanted my breasts to look & I am happy I listened to your advice.Thanks Enhance clinic


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