Causes of Hair Loss in Men, Women, teenage, What is Alopecia
Causes of Hair Loss

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Causes of Hair Loss

People lose between 50 to 100 hairs each day, this is a normal case scenario and something which is not considered alarming. In case, the hair loss is more, then it is an alarming sign. Hair is made up of a protein and it consists of a hair shaft, which is underneath the scalp and root that is responsible for the growth of hair. Hair loss is not only seen in adults but in some cases, teenagers also face hair loss problems. The deficiency of essential nutrients and proteins in the diet in adolescence leads to hair loss. Some medications and treatments like chemotherapy are also responsible for hair loss. Hair loss is also caused by some chemicals that people use to look good like hair gels and hair colors. We are here to fix your hair fall treatment in delhi.

Causes for Hair Loss are divided into two categories i.e

Non-Cicatricial Alopecia (no damage to underlying skin)

  • Physiologically normally seen in
  • Infants or newborns
  • Intake of medicines /chemicals e.g Anti-cancer drugs, high doses of vitamin-A
  • Self-induced physical trauma (also called as Trichotillomania) – seen in depression
  • Compulsive scratching of scalp
  • Alopecia areata or patchy loss of hair
  • Telogen Effluvium or diffuse hair loss
  • Infections: Bacterial, viral or fungal diseases
  • Hormonal disturbances – Thyroid disorders, diabetes, menstrual disturbances, etc.
  • Physical agents- Overuse of parlour procedures
  • Straightening
  • Blow drying
  • Radiotherapy
  • Tight pulling of hair as in tight buns or knots

Cicatricial Alopecia (damage to underlying skin)

  • Physical Trauma e.g bumps or x-ray overdose (normally seen).
  • Some infectious diseases like TB, leprosy, viral diseases like herpes, etc.
  • Chemical injury like acid burns
  • Skin diseases like DLE, lichen planes, skin cancers, etc.
  • Androgenetic alopecia or common male baldness (Please check this)
  • Unusual genetic disorders
  • Miscellaneous causes

What is Hair Loss?

Hair Loss is also known as alopecia. The word alopecia alludes to male pattern baldness, diminishing hair or sparseness in any furry area of the body. Alopecia areata signifies “balding in regions”. In most cases, balding is a normal sign of aging and not a disease. Since it is not seen as life-debilitating to specialists it is regularly slighted. This is lamentable in light of the fact that balding can bring about genuine misery in an individuals’ life, with some extensive mental anxiety.

Symptoms for Hair Loss

Symptoms of balding include male pattern baldness in patches for the most part in circular patterns, dandruff, skin injuries, and scarring. Alopecia areata (gentle – medium level) as a rule appears in uncommon balding areas e.g. eyebrows, posterior of the head or over the ears where generally the male pattern hairlessness does not influence. In males, loss and thinning of hair start at the temple and the crown and falls out. Female hair loss happens at the frontal and parietal.

Hair Loss Causes

  • Heredity- Most hair loss is brought on by a hereditary inclination, it’s a piece of a man’s hereditary cosmetics. This is called male pattern balding, or hereditary baldness or hair thinning. It is the most widely recognized reason for diminishing hair.
  • Injuries, certain physical conditions, or their medicines also cause hair loss- This includes high fever, thyroid malady, pregnancy, deficient protein in the eating routine, iron insufficiency, growth medicines, certain ongoing medication, and different reasons.
  • Bad nutrition and psychological anxiety also lead to hair loss.

A lot of people routinely lose somewhere around 70 and 100 hairs from their scalp every day, for the most part through washing, combing, and brushing. Scalp hair begins to thin when a greater number of hairs are lost through typical shedding than the scalp has the capacity to reestablish. Around 40% of the thickness of scalp hair must be lost before diminishing of the hair gets to be perceptible.

Hair Loss and its underlying reasons

Most male adults who have crossed the 30 age barrier peek into the mirror with a concerned look in their eyes, scanning for traces of that once so flush hairline receding into the scalp’s horizon. For some, even if the hair doesn’t grow, the bald look certainly grows on them. But alas, not all were born Jason Statham, and so instead of looking at the mirror for signs of baldness, the next time look into your habits for signs that might lead to baldness. Start with the cause, and you might be able to root out the problem. Well in the case of hair loss, hopefully, root in your problems.

While there are a number of external factors which can affect the health of your hair, the most common cause is something that you can’t do anything about; heredity and ageing. According to a recent survey, two out of three males suffer from male pattern baldness, which is receding of the hairline along the temple or through the crown. If you are that lucky one, well then there might be other ways you might end up losing your hair.

One of the main reasons for hair loss is physical stress. Any trauma experienced around the head – surgery, accident or a severe illness – can lead to the thinning of hair and eventual hair loss. However, this is a reversible effect, and once health is restored, so is the hair. Too much of anything is harmful, and too much of vitamin A is especially harmful to your hair as it can lead to hair loss. But like physical stress, even this is reversible and can hair can be restored once the dosage is corrected. And while we’re talking about too much of things, avoid using hair treatment products and/or hair press, heat therapy, hair therapy as they are all major contributors towards weakening the hair roots and eventually resulting in hair loss. Deficiency of both vitamin B and/or protein also results in hair loss, and adjustments in the diet should be made accordingly if one is found lacking either one of the two.

These are some of the most common everyday causes for hair loss. There are some other causes as well, like total loss of hair which is the after effect of undergoing chemotherapy. Thyroid diseases and iron deficiency anemia also lead to hair loss, but are more commonly seen among females. So, if your checklist had you tick in any of the above reasons, pull up your sock but don’t pull out your hair. Find a solution and work around the problem, the thick gushing hair you were so proud of in your raging youth might still welcome you back.

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