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Our Infrastructure

Hair Transplant market has evolved over the years and has now become a full-fledged industry in India. From hospitals opening trichology departments to creating a chain of Hair Transplant clinics, innovation is the key to this boomed up industry in India. A number of renowned hospitals in India have opened up Research and Development centres to consistently study cases of Hair Transplant in India and derive improvised techniques for future cases. Major stress has been put on reviewing complex cases of international patients in order to attract more and more Hair Transplant cases from across the globe.

Infrastructure in Indian medical institutions have been globally acknowledged the “best”. Advanced medical equipment required for various Hair fall treatments and surgery are now available at numerous trichology clinics in India. 

With the advancement of medical tourism in India, the Government has also supported the import of complex machines from across the globe. Medical education institutions in India have installed these advanced machines in their study centres to ensure proper training to its students. Some medical colleges and hospitals also invite guest technicians from overseas to train its students and interns on the usage and functionality of these advanced machines.

Dr. Manoj Khanna, the Founder and Chairman of Enhance Clinics in India, has invested a lot of time and money in acquiring the best machines available in the world, to perform Hair Transplant procedures. A team of specialist doctors and technicians at Enhance Clinics in India is consistently working on improvising their technical expertise in the Hair restoration methodologies. With the consent of their patients, doctors at the Enhance Clinics in India, publish their experience of the Hair Transplant surgery and try to gather information that is useful for them to amend and expand their infrastructure facilities. They are preferred by international patients as the Enhance Clinics in India have the best infrastructure and facilities to aid their services to their clients. 

Neat and hygienic clinic with the most sophisticated equipment to perform Hair Transplant surgery is sought after by international patients. Specialist doctors and stand-by technicians must also be available to support the surgery being a day long procedure, with the patient requiring constant ease as Hair Transplant is definitely a sophisticated surgery. International patients also seek support in their preferred language, so in-house automatic translator machines are also needed at times, to interact with the patient or their family members. Enhance Clinics in India can also facilitate human translators to ease communication with an international patient.

Both doctors and patients require to be comfortable when performing the surgical operation of Hair Transplant. So, seating couches and comfortable chairs are definitely needed in a trichology centre. These must also be available within reach so that patient or the doctor do not have to waste time in finding one. Floors and roof in a trichology centre are required to be designed in a manner to avoid friction. A visit to any of the centres of Enhance Clinics in India can help an international patient vouch for it’s decent infrastructure.

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