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Most of us know and feel that our hair grows and falls instantly. But we mainly draw such a conclusion on our sudden realization on the thickening or thinning of hair and so the reality is overlooked. Just like any other processes around us, our hairs to undergo a complete cycle. So, basically, we can sum it up as when the rate of hair fall exceeds the number of hair growth then it is termed as hair loss. Similarly when the rate of hair growth exceeds the rate of shedding then it is a positive sign of hair growth. But at any age losing your precious hair can be very distressing and it is even more when the hair problem becomes acutely severe. In today’s time, the hair fall problem has become quite prevalent as most men and women are struggling with this problem. The prevalence of the condition is so extreme that people often feel under-confident, distressed and depressed as a result of this condition.

There can be many causes of hair fall but the main reasons for hair fall are as follows:-
Anxiety or Stress- This is the primary reason for hair loss in the present day’s world as with more mental, physical and emotional stress a gradual loss of hair is seen.
Thyroid Disorders- Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism a curse for the victims, can bring down the number of hair loss in both cases. With proper treatment of this, the latter can be treated as well.
Hormonal Changes- Changes in hormones play a significant role in the hair loss not only women, but even men also lose hair due to hormones.
Medications and Lupus are the other causes of hair loss

Whatever the cause might be, one must consider a hair transplant in Rourkela as an option as it can help bring back the lost hair. It can be one of the ways to feel more confident than before. But one must know the procedure, the diet and lifestyle to be maintained and the things to expect during and after the surgery. The patient must choose a well experienced and trained surgeon to conduct the procedure. A good specialist in Rourkela can provide a good service thereby guiding the patient better. Checking the track record and treatment success rate is equally important while choosing a specialist. Other credentials such as the type of facilities available at the clinic, the after therapy care treatments provided by the clinic and if the medical standards of the patients are well maintained. After selecting the clinic for hair implant one must choose one of the hair growth method keeping in mind what would best suit you.

After checking, selecting and having an overall idea of the whole procedure the patient must plan for the treatment. In due course of the treatment proper diet and lifestyle is to be maintained to see the best results.

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