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As someone rightly said, “Life is a reflection of our personality” and the magnetism of it creates a huge impact on the confidence and success of an individual. Building a great personality is everyone’s dream but even a thing like hair could hamper appearance. Hair loss (or alopecia) is a nightmare for both men and women. Apart from having a psychological impact, the social influence of it develops the feeling of getting old early and depressed.

Receding hair is a common form of hair loss. Do you know receding hair is the reality of more than 80% of men? The problem is prominent among men of age 35 years and more. Receding hair can occur in both men and women. It is one of the first sign of male pattern baldness. If you thinking that you can cover up the receding hair, then it is a myth.

The problem of hair loss or alopecia can start to develop in older age. In many cases, alopecia is treated through medication and surgery. If you want to get a gorgeous looking hair or thicken up a receding hair, then the most effective treatment is DHR Technique for Hair Loss.

What is Direct Hair Restoration?

Direct Hair Restoration or DHR is a surgical hair transplant technique. DHR offers healthy and natural-looking hair. The difference between FUE hair transplant and direct hair restoration is that DHR does not involve scalpels. Thus, it is a painless procedure. After the completion of the DHR, new hair continues to grow naturally throughout life. The prime objective of this procedure is to boost hair follicles growth and survival. This is done by minimizing the time for which hair follicles stay out the skin.

The method involves moving of hair follicles from the donor site to the recipient area. The implantation of hair follicles is done one by one to the recipient site to cover the bald area. It develops an effect of fuller hair by placing hair directly in the transition zone. Each hair follicle place in a particular direction and angle to get a 100% natural hair restoration results. Thereby, making the procedure painless with fast recovery. The hair growth is visible within 4 -5 months.

What to Expect During the DHR Hair Loss Treatment?

The direct hair restoration surgery from a celebrated hair transplant surgeon is vulnerable. During the extraction phase, the cosmetic surgeon extracts hair follicles from donor site one-by-one. Then the hair follicles are prepared under the microscope for implantation. At Enhance Clinics, we ensure complete patients safety; thus, take every precaution to avoid infection. Implantation is done by no-touch technique.

During the placement phase, the hair follicles are placed in the right depth, direction, and angle. This ensures that the hair transplant patients get the best hair restoration results.

How to Achieve Natural Hair?

Creating natural hair is an imperative element for successful hair restoration surgery. Many hair transplant clinics claim to give fuller and natural hair during a promotion. Thereby, the patient’s expectation exceeds. Today, more and more hair loss patients expect an undetectable hairline. Unexpectedly the patient’s expectation are also increasing. Today, many hair loss patients expect denser hair to stand on its own after one session only. No one wants to lose their hair and get a nightmare about it. Losing’s hair is not only stressful but also embarrassing.

How Can Enhance Clinics help you?

So, have you too been suffering from the same problem and is it holding you back from achieving your dreams. Then your days of distress are over. Yes you have rightly reached your haven with “Enhance Clinics”
Enhance Clinics is amongst the best hair transplant clinics in India. Coupled with the expertise of highly qualified doctors and more than thousands of satisfied patients, Enhance Clinics is the best choice of people wanting safe and reliable hair treatments.

Why DHR at Enhance Clinics?

  • DHR is the best hair restoration treatment for both men and female
  • The patients can go back to work the next day of the treatment
  • The patients can resume the light exercise, while intense workout should be avoided for 15 – 20 days after hair restoration surgery.
  • Known for providing safe and long-lasting results
  • Well equipped with the latest technology and techniques in hair treatments.
  • Patient comfort with minimum pain
  • Fast procedures with minimum downtime
  • Provides 100% customer satisfaction
  • Maximum survival rates of grafts, no visible scars, maximum hair coverage, natural hair
  • High-grade baldness cases treated. But if the patient does not have sufficed hair growth from side of the head to extract hair grafts, the hairs are achieved from other parts of the body hair or facial hair.

Female Direct Hair Restoration

The female hair restoration requires more depth, thus, requires more efforts to achieve. Enhance Clinics specialize to offer both female hair restoration surgery and male hair restoration surgery. The surgery is performed by celebrity hair transplant surgeon Dr Manoj Khanna and Dr Ashutosh Misra. The patients looking for a hair transplant surgery can directly reach the hair transplant clinics in Delhi or any of the 22 centers for hair transplant.

Difference Between FUE Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct Hair Restoration

Still, have a question about which is the best hair transplant procedure? In the section, we will discuss direct hair restoration vs FUE. However, we may advise you to consult your hair transplant surgeon to understand if you are the right patient.

  1. Reduce Time: In DHR we use highly specialised machine for extraction and implantation by no-touch techniques & automated implanter pen.
  2. Less Transit Time: Direct hair restoration surgery takes up to 30 minutes and FUE hair transplant takes up to 5 hours for which hair graft kept outside the body.
  3. Control Hair Roots: FUE hair transplant surgery requires controlling hair roots while DHR is an automated process which does not require handling of roots.

Direct Hair Restoration Cost in India

The cost of direct hair restoration surgery depends on several factors. At Enhance Clinics, we assure cost transparency with clients. You can also check our direct hair restoration reviews for patients. Enhance Clinics is best suited for your pocket whether you are living in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Mumbai, Lucknow, Jaipur, or Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, kerala


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