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Hair Transplant in Mumbai

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Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai

About Enhance Clinics

Facing hair loss can be harrowing for both men and women, often leading to stress and reduced self-worth. Fortunately, hair transplants have emerged as a boon for those struggling with the effects of Alopecia.

Enhance Clinics, one of the finest and renowned cosmetic clinics, offers superior hair transplants and hair loss treatments with guaranteed natural-looking results, giving a huge relief to those suffering from hair loss and baldness.

Get World-Class Hair Transplant in Mumbai at Enhance Clinics

A hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic medical procedure wherein hair follicles are extracted from the back and sides of your scalp (the donor site) and meticulously implanted onto the area affected by baldness (the recipient site).

At Enhance Clinics, we provide revolutionary hair transplants that will help you regain your hair and transform your appearance. Known for our unparalleled treatment and care, we have gained a reputation as a reliable destination for hair loss treatment in Mumbai.

Types of Hair Transplants offered by Enhance Clinics include:

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): In FUT Hair Transplant, a thin strip of hair-bearing skin is extracted from the donor area. This strip is dissected into individual follicular units, which are implanted onto the balding area.
  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): In FUE Hair Transplant, the surgeon will excise individual healthy hair follicles from the donor area using a micro punch tool and then implant these follicles onto the recipient area.
  • DHR (Direct Hair Restoration): In the DHR procedure, individual hair follicles are instantaneously extracted and implanted one by one using a special DHR tool.

Our hair transplant surgeons are also experts at FUT+DHR Hair Transplant, Moustache and Beard Hair Transplants, Eyebrow Hair Transplant, Body Hair Transplant, Hairline Reconstruction, and Corrective Hair Transplants.

Dr. Manoj Khanna – Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Mumbai

Dr. Manoj Khanna, the founder and chairman of Enhance Clinics, is an award-winning and reputed hair transplant specialist in Mumbai. Over his career that spans 27 years, he has performed 6000+ successful hair transplant procedures.

Utilizing his technical prowess and artistic capabilities, he has consistently delivered life-altering hair transplant results to countless people, including celebrities, and earned his name as the best hair transplant surgeon in the aesthetic industry.

Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai

The cost of a hair transplant differs from person to person and clinic to clinic, depending on various factors. 

The major parameters that influence the hair transplant cost in Mumbai are the number of grafts required, the extent of baldness, number of sittings required, choice of the donor area, the hair transplant technique used, the experience of the surgeon, the clinic’s location and infrastructure, etc.

When it comes to high-quality and affordable hair transplants, Enhance Clinics is your best bet!

Why Choose Enhance Clinics?

Enhance Clinics is a leading hair transplant clinic in Mumbai known for providing bespoke hair transplant and hair loss treatments that deliver remarkable results. 

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities and Cutting-Edge Infrastructure.
  • Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Mumbai.
  • High Safety and Hygiene Standards.
  • Excellent Density and Coverage of Hair.
  • Comfortable and Relaxing Ambience.
  • Exceptional Care and Aftercare.
  • Permanent Results.

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You Are One Step Away From Hair Transformation

One average we shed up to 100 hairs daily significantly. It can get too late when you notice that you are completely bald. So reach out to the world’s top hair restoration clinic in Mumbai. Get lustrous and thick density hair look. Fue hair transplant cost in Mumbai is very affordable. Regain a feeling of excitement as you get healthy hair back. From FUT hair transplant to female hair transplant we have a perfect suggestion for amazing appearance. 

Let’s begin with understanding if you are the right candidate for a hair transplant?

Understand if You Have Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss is defined as temporary or permanent thinning of hairs on the scalp. The first step to learning if you are the right candidate for hair transplant is to find if you are dealing with hair loss problem. Alopecia is a medical name of hair loss. The most common form of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia or baldness caused due to a combination of reasons. Other types of hair loss include

Its time to understand what are the causes of hair loss and hair fall treatment?

Hair Loss Problems You Need To Know Before Getting a Hair Transplant.

Do looks always matter? Can beautiful mane boost your self-confidence? Are you worried due to unwanted hair loss? You have tried every home remedies for hair growth but still no result you get? Have you past that point where preventing hair loss is impossible?

Hair loss treatment is what you need!

After reading this, you must be wondering. That you have tried every possible home remedies and chemical treatment. But growing your hair back is still not possible. In that case, you may have given a thought for hair restoration treatments.

But, before we get into what is the best option. First, understand – what is hair loss, causes, diagnosis, and treatment.

8 Medical Reasons for Losing Hairs That Will Make You Depressed

Hair loss causes by a combination of:

So know you know what triggers hair loss in male and females. Hair transplant is the most effective solution to say goodbye to bald. Let’s understand why hair transplant is the best treatment for hair restoration.

How Hair Transplant Help Hair Loss (Alopecia) in Long Term?

Hair transplant is a choice for many people now. Whether you are in your 20s or 50s. Hair transplant offers hair restoration treatment for every age, gender, and ethnicity. The treatment got popular when celebrities like Salman Khan reported getting hair restored. Hair transplant is in trend nowadays and more and more people are opting for it.

Popular celebrity like Arjun Kapoor, Amy Jackson, Virat Kohli, Akshay Kuman, Ranveer Singh, and Deepika. But, are you going to follow the trend. Or understand the magic of hair transplant.

We will help you to understand:

We will start with understanding the basics behind hair transplant.

What is hair transplant? 

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure. Where a plastic surgeon moves hair (from donor site) to bald area (recipient site). It is a common cosmetic clinic procedure which is suitable for male and female. It is a boon, especially for patients suffering from alopecia.

Hair transplantation in India, doctors offer a permanent medical solution. The treatment restores certain types of female hair loss and male pattern baldness. FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai falls in the budget range. Above all, a certified transplantation surgeon can help bring back fuller head. Thus, improve hair growth will make you feel young and confident.

Parameters to Find World’s Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Mumbai

Now you know what hair transplant is. We see many people often ask us various questions related to hair transplant results. As a response; it’s time to understand how hair transplant ranks no. 1 hair loss treatment in Mumbai.

How to Simplify Hair Transplant Procedure?

Best Hair transplant in Mumbai is one of the turning points. Especially in the hair and care industry. It’s a miraculous invention of science which makes regrowth of hair possible. As this is the only effective and painless technique. It is a boon for those who have failed in trying to get relief from hair fall.

For many, hair transplant comes as a ray of hope. It helps them get rid of their baldness. So, when and how to get the Best hair transplant in Mumbai? Also for those who have started to lose hair or have already lost hair.

Hair transplant is complicated, costly, and time-consuming for many people. Following are four steps which aid before to after hair transplant. This will give you an overview of our hair transplant services.

Step 1: Consultation – Planning For Hair Transplant

If you are planning to go for a Hair Transplant, the first important method is to consult with experts for reason behind hair loss. During an initial consultation at Enhance Clinics OPD, the surgeon analyze the patient scalp. Diagnosis for hair transplant will give you an overview of predicting current and future hair loss.

As well as it is necessary to understand future hair appearance requirement according to facial structure. During the planning phase, the hairline of the patient is tailor considering appearance. Consequently, it helps the patient to achieve natural looking hairline rather than artificial look.

Step 2: Diagnosis – Pre-Operative Hair Transplant Assessment

During the diagnosis, our surgeon will follow a pre-operative folliscopy. A folliscopy supports the decision to understand existing hair density. To asses post-operative hair results of transplanted grafts.

Few patients benefit from pre-operative diagnosis using topical vitamins and minoxidil medication. Before hair transplant surgery, the surgeon will also examine donor scalp area. Additionally, common medication compilation like a

Step: 3 Treatment – During Hair Transplant Surgery

A hair transplant surgery comprises of following steps:

Step 4: Post-Operative – After Hair Transplant Surgery

Enhance Clinics recognize as a super speciality hospital. After hair transplant surgery, the candidate advice to consume antibiotics. This prevents hair grafts from infection. It takes 10 days to remove the stitches. Your doctor will advice hair care products to minimize the effects of hair loss.

Patient may undergo hair transplant surgery again depending on their hair loss. The antibiotics will help patients to pain, swelling, and sore scalp. Besides, the medicines reduce the risk of infection after surgery.

Hair Loss Treatments Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hair loss treatments in Mumbai are a modern choice of many people. Everyone learned about celebrity hair transplant through media. Here, we will tell you what is hair transplant and why people needed.

What precautions to take?

Following is most asked questions about hair loss in women, men, and children:

  1. Is hair transplant procedure suitable for everyone?
    Almost, everyone can opt for it. There are certain medical conditions, such as a severe case of psoriasis. You need to consult hair transplantation doctors in Mumbai for further details.
  2. Are there any risks involved in getting a transplant?
    As such there are no risks involved in the procedure.
  3. What is the hair transplant costs in Mumbai?
    Although it is not a very costly procedure. Hair transplantation in Mumbai cost varies from Rs. 50,000 to INR 75,000 based on the grafts calculation.
  4. Which technique for hair transplant choose?
    FUE and FUT are two types of hair transplant techniques. It depends on the patient need to choose the technique.
  5. Is it a permanent solution for hair growth?
  6. For Hair re-growth, hair transplant is the permanent solutions. The result of the body to scalp hair restoration may take up to 2 years.
  7. Is the procedure painful?
    There is negligible pain. Since hair transplant surgery administers local anaesthesia.
  8. Can there side effects of hair transplants?
    Although, there are no major complications that may arise in case of hair transplant. There are minor side effects that you experience post-procedure.
  9. Is hair transplant better than hair weaving?
    Hair transplant techniques are much vogue due to reduced cost.
  10. Can I lose hair after transplant?
    After a hair transplant, the existing hair may undergo shedding due to shock loss. But this shedding after a hair transplant is universal, thereby, temporary.
  11. What is hair doubling?
    Hair doubling is a technique to take hair and bisect to offer greater hair transplant results.

Types of Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai by Enhance Clinics

Hair transplant procedure is done to add more hair to thinning or balding areas. The procedure is performed by cosmetic surgery. The benefit of getting a hair transplant is that you can achieve natural hair results. However, there are PRP therapy and Mesotherapy which offer hair loss solution. While hair transplant is the most beneficial treatment.

Best Hair transplant in Mumbai is the correct choice for you to get a magical look. Here, you can enjoy the various benefits such as Low cost, cutting-edge equipment and experienced surgeon. Mumbai is the best destination for reasonable hair transplant surgery. Let’s discuss 3 common methods of hair transplantation in Mumbai at EC

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT Technique of Hair Transplant)

FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. FUT is also known as the strip procedure. It is a traditional method of hair transplant. Where a doctor removes a strip of hairs from the donor area. The root is DHT resistant hair roots via root transfer. Finally to implant into the recipient site to cover the balding area.

In general, the follicular unit transplantation takes five to eight hours. However, this depends on the number of grafts transplanted. FUT is suitable for patients who desire fuller volume of hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE Technique of Hair Transplant)

Follicular Unit Extraction FUE is a revolutionary surgical technique. Experience surgeon performs FUE hair transplant at Enhance Clinics. Although, the procedure is very different from FUT transplants techniques. The process involves hair extraction from the back or side of the scalp (donor site).

Then hairs are extracted using a micro-tool. This ensures minimal graft wastage. The follicles are extracted to prepare under a microscope. Finally, transferred to the recipient affected area. Overall, FUE hair implantation is known as a less invasive procedure than a strip method.

FUE hair transplant requires a surgeon to possess a higher skill set. This Method will give you successful results in terms of natural looking, hair density and eliminate scarring.

Thus, this treatment will allow patients to maintain short hairstyle as there can be no linear scar. 

Direct Hair Transplant (DHT)

Direct Hair Implantation or Transplant is an advanced technique of FUE transplant. The method uses patented tools to deliver natural hair treatments without any scar. Unlike laser hair removal treatment or need for recovery time. Hence, it is a one-time hair transplant solution.

Direct Natural Hairline Reconstruction (D-HNR)

Direct Natural Hairline Reconstruction (D-HNR) is an advanced surgical procedure. It is an innovative treatment aims to help a patient with hair loss to have a frontal hairline. Head, in particular, the hairline is the most noticeable feature of a person. A thick hairline eventually replaces hair density. We help to transform your hairline with an artistic look. D-HNR distinguishes us from another clinic for Best hair transplant in Mumbai.

Male Hair Transplant Surgery 

Later in life at the time of old age. Male hair loss occurs when Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) affects hair sensitivity, being to undergo thinning. The problem usually follows distinct patterns and primary goal when surgical hair restoration mimic the pattern.

Enhance Clinics facilitate surgical male hair transplantation to treat male hair loss. Currently, there are two different types of male hair transplantation techniques. That is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT).

When performed at Enhance Clinics, male hair transplant surgery able to create natural appearing hairline. Male hair transplant can be performed in the male of age 20s to 70s. And FUE is the most common type of hair transplant techniques used to treat male pattern baldness.

Female Hair Transplantation Surgery Mumbai

Female hair loss is a cause of hormonal change. It is important to understand that female hair loss is different from hair loss in male. Female does not have a stable donor area on the back of the side of the head. In fact, females are equally prone to hair loss through the scalp. The make women likely candidate for hair transplant surgery. Female hair transplantation is available at Enhance Clinics.

Failed Hair Transplant

We understand how depressing it can be for someone with a failed hair transplant. Failure of hair transplant can be due to different factors. Correcting a bad hair transplant is not a challenge for us. Get a consultation with our hair transplant surgeon to understand the possibility to correct a bad hair transplant.

 Other Application of Hair Transplantation For Full Body Transformation

Hair transplant is a surgical process that removes baldness. The procedure involves the extraction of hair from the donor site to the recipient site. Hair transplant can be done on different parts of the body except for the head. Here are different types of Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai:

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrows define the way we look. Many individuals experience eyebrow thining caused due to medical conditions or the ageing process. Eyebrows add beauty and elegance to face. As we all know, our eyebrows play an important role to a facial structure.

Moustache and Beard Hair Transplant

At Enhance Clinics, You can get treatment for beard and moustache at an affordable price. Due to some genetic problem, people face a problem such as hair patchiness and lack of facial hair. Here in Enhance Clinics, we use the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) for the transplantation of facial hair.

Why Best Hair Transplant In Mumbai

Hair transplant may sound like an easy task. But getting through a certified doctor is essential with international standards. Today, one can find several hair transplant clinic Mumbai. Those claim to offer the best service. In this case, how does one choose the right clinic?

The answer is simple: verify the hair transplant results from patient testimonials.

Enhance Clinics is India’s fastest growing chain of the hair transplant centre. We are recognized as the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai with Great reviews and 4.9 google ratings. We offer a complete solution for hair and skin care. With 22 center for hair transplant and plastic surgery across the country. Every centre equips all types of Best Hair transplant in Mumbai.

Enhance Clinics has grown from strength to 360-degree hair studio. Our specialization lies in offering all types of hair transplantation surgery. Discerning clients to opt treatments at our state-of-art clinics among over others as

Dr. Manoj Khanna- Celebrated Hair Transplant Best Surgeons in Mumbai

Dr. Manoj Khanna (MBBS MD) is known as one of the Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Mumbai. He is known for celebrity Hair Transplant Surgeon in India. He has conducted over 5000 hair transplants. You can check in our result gallery.

He is a professional expert in various types of cosmetic surgeries. This includes liposuction, hair transplantation, rhinoplasty, male and female pattern baldness. Not only this, he specialises in performing aesthetic surgery. For instance, breast augmentation, facelift, laser hair removal, male breast reduction etc.

Dr. Manoj Khanna has many prestigious celebrities & sports icons like Yusuf Pathan, Nikhil Chopra, VVS Laxman. Roger Binny, Dilip Vengsarkar, Sourav Ganguly, Harsha Bhogle, Charu Sharma, Arun Lal.

 Know About the Cost of Hair Transplant in Mumbai.

What is the cost of Best Hair transplant in Mumbai? Many people reach us to know the cost of Hair Transplant in Mumbai. The cost varies from patient to patient. Moreover, depends on several factors such as the number used grafts, the degree of baldness, area of transplantation, the amount of available donor area, the clinic located, doctors experience etc.

You can find the lowest cost of hair transplant at Enhance Clinics at RS 40,000. If you are looking for an affordable price hair transplant treatment then Enhance Clinics is the right place for you. Fue hair transplant cost in Mumbai is very affordable. Mumbai is one of a leading metropolitan city of India. As well as a popular destination for hair transplant surgery.One of the best FUE hair transplant in Mumbai.

It is also known as the wealthiest city with the highest GDP. In comparison to other Southwest cities of India. If you’re planning to consider Hair Transplant centre in Mumbai. Remember that you will get the cheapest services.

Contrary, it is a myth that the cost of Best Hair transplant in Mumbai is expensive for a common person. The cost of hair transplant in other cities like in hair transplant Mumbai is high. We also offer patients with EMI options.

Dr. Ashutosh Misra (MBBS MD) is an experienced hair transplant doctor. He brings more than 20 years of experience with him to Enhance Clinics. Dr. Misra travels across the world to deliver promising hair transplant surgery.

Popular Destination For Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Enhance Clinics hair transplant centres in Mumbai is in the heart of Mumbai. The clinic is 6 km away from the domestic and international airport. We offer medical tourism for hair loss treatments. 

Our cosmetic clinic located in 4 areas in Mumbai. People residing in the following areas can reach nearby centres for hair transplantation:

Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai Centers

Read more to find out the contact details of hair transplant clinics in Mumbai India:

Enhance Clinics – Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai, Khar West
101 – 1st Floor, 346-A, Saffron Building, Khar Linking Road,
ground floor, Khar Bandra West, Mumbai India – 400052
Ph: 8080116333, 8080216337, 8080754321

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