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Direct Natural Hairline Reconstruction (D-HNR) in Lucknow

Lucknow, the largest Northern city in India is the capital state of Uttar Pradesh. Mainly people recognize the city as administrative headquarters of the eponymous division. Hair loss (also known as alopecia) is one of the most commonly occur conditioning in both men and women residing in Lucknow.

Lucknow, experience humid subtropical climate with dry winters from November to January, hot summers from March to June, and monsoon from July to September. Apart from factors like a high level of pollution, a sedentary lifestyle is the major factor influencing an increase in a number of baldness cases among people living in Lucknow. Some of the familiar causes of hair loss experienced by people living in Lucknow area:

  • Medical conditions like alopecia areata, scalp infection, and trichotillomania
  • Family history usually occurs gradually with ageing and in predictable patterns
  • Mental stress biggest effects of hair loss
  • Hormonal imbalance can cause permanent or temporary hair loss and male pattern baldness
  • Supplements can lead to severe side effects of certain drugs
  • Radiation therapy can severely effect lack of hair regrowth
  • Chemicals treatments and of harsh shampoos can cause hair fall

Recovering hair loss for people in Lucknow can be challenging. As a majority of these issues is not preventable, especially, problems like male and female pattern baldness those are permanent. Although, temporary problems like seasonal hair fall can be prevented through consistent home remedies.

Like great health and fitness, most of us take our hairs for granted, until they’re gone. Hair transplant is one such permanent remedy to bring back glory on your scope. Find out more if hair transplants treatment is suitable for you.

Let’s answer to your hair transplant FAQs.

Hair Fall Treatment in Lucknow

Hair fall treatment has a definitive role in treating alopecia are broadly classified into two. First is the medical treatment where Minoxidil lotion and oral finasteride tablets are used to treat hair fall. Medicines work only in the early stages of balding, besides, have some disadvantages

When balding is progressed to a higher level, baldness hair transplant is an optimal solution for hair restoration. The greatest benefit to the procedure is that it delivers permanent hair transplant results.

Hair Transplantation in Lucknow

Hair transplant in Lucknow is convenient besides an affordable option to treat hair loss. What is a hair transplant? Hair transplant is defined as a surgical procedure where hair follicles are removed from one part of the body known as ‘donor site’ and place on recipient scalp. Hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive technique, hair grafts containing follicles that are genetically resistant to balding are transplanted to the scalp.CLinics provide best hair transplant in lucknow.
Hair transplant surgeries can also be used to restore complete body hair like moustache and beard hair, eyebrow hair, eyelash hair, chest hair etc. Since the technique used to restore different body hair transplant may vary.
Perfect hair transplant to permanently correct baldness is done at Enhance Clinics using a patent technique for hair restoration.

Type of Hair Transplant Surgeries in Lucknow

Enhance Clinics understand the unique need of patient suffering through hair fall. Hence, introduce an advanced technique for hair transplant surgeries in Lucknow. Here is all you need to know:

Follicular Unit Extraction FUE 

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction is a classic technique of hair restoration in Lucknow. What is FUE? FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction which is a revolutionary modern surgical technique of hair transplantation. More advanced than the traditional technique of hair transplant, FUE at Enhance Clinics is performed by highly experienced FUE hair transplant surgeon in India.

Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT

What is FUT? FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation, a traditional method of hair restoration. During the surgery, hair from areas like back and side of the scalp is transplanted to a hair thinning area. Although, FUT hair transplantation procedure is very different from FUE.

The patient undergoes local anesthesia and strip of tissue is removed from the donor site. This strip is prepared by cutting into smaller individual follicular units. Then, tiny holes are made in the scalp where grafts are carefully implanted. Enhance clinics provide best hair transplant in lucknow.

Laser hair removal reversal has been a slightly controversial subject but recently it has become a growing trend. This presents other possible reversal methods of hair transplant, as you can use laser hair removal to stop hair growth from the transplanted follicles.

There is a lot of marketing over the internet by a small group of surgeons who use direct hair implantation, or FUE technique, but this procedure has limitations and is not the ideal way for hair transplant in most cases. Consultant more for transplantation surgery in Lucknow.

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Hair Transplant Lucknow Cost

Hair transplant cost in Lucknow range from Rs. 20 to Rs. 40 per hair grafts. Although this is a much low compared to other metropolitan cities in India. The overall cost of hair transplant in Lucknow ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 80,000. However, the price may increase as high as to Rs. 1.5 Lakh depending on a level of baldness. Cost of best hair transplant in lucknow comes in the budget range.

The cost of FUT Follicular Unit Transplantation in Lucknow is much lower in less varying from Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 per grafts. On the other hand, the cost of FUE Follicular Unit Extraction ranges from Rs. 30 to Rs. 90 per hair grafts.
When looking for a hair transplant Lucknow, you must understand that the cost depends on hair density and the number of hair grafts requires. These two are primary factors while deciding the cost. Subsequently, secondary factors are surgeon fee, location, procedure, etc.

Benefit of Hair Transplant Surgery

Enjoy the benefits of a hair treatment center in Lucknow:

Lucknow Best Hair Transplant Specialist

Enhance Clinics doctors for hair transplant possess expertise in both FUE and FUT technique. For many of our patients, we may utilize a combination of hair transplant surgeries in hair replacement to enhance hair restoration surgery. Our surgeons are accomplished by our hair and trichologist experts.Clinics provide best hair transplant in lucknow

It is usually essential to consider transplant clinics with a team of skilled cosmetic surgeons in Lucknow those have

Plastic Surgeons vs Dermatologist vs MBBS To Perform Permanent Hair Transplant

Transplant centre in Lucknow- Plastic surgeons has trained in the field of hair transplant method. In fact, they are more adept at performing hair treatment surgery than other doctors near who do not know about the technique. Training, certification, and experience are three critical factors to consider while looking for doctors in Lucknow.

Thus, it is more economical to book an appointment with a doctor with a large experience. This also allows a more personal approach with transplants surgeon and follow up is more satisfactory.

Globally Renowned Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Manoj Khanna (MBBS MD )is one of the leading cosmetic & Hair Transplant surgeons of India. He has successfully treated patients of over 65 countries, specializing in Hair Transplant, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, he is a veteran in above-stated fields with an expansive experience of 20 + years. Due to his highest qualification & phenomenal achievements in his professional journey, he is considered as one of India’s most successful Hair Transplant and Restoration Specialists. Having dexterously implanted 2 crore hair follicles till date in a form of hair patches, his clientele includes well-known names from the realms of cricket, entertainment and media in the country and beyond.

Enhance Clinics Most Trusted Brand For Hair Transplant Lucknow

Hair transplant surgeons in Lucknow – Hair loss treatment at Enhance Clinics offers the best in a class medical facility to patients travelling from different to Lucknow.Experienced doctors provide best hair transplant in lucknow.

Common Side Effects of Hair Transplant – Can They Be Managed?

Do you often get sceptical that hair transplant surgery is too easy a solution for your hair loss problem? Do you often think that like all other surgeries this also has some side effects? Can it result in hair growth that looks natural? The answer to all these questions is yes! Even for the fact that this surgery does has some side effects, but these side effects are easy to manage can with the right type of hair care products at the right clinic in Lucknow.

Following are some of the most common side effects that you may experience, which are common and easy to manage:

  1. Swelling: Swelling although is rare, but can sometimes appear in areas near eyes and forehead. However, if it occurs, it usually stays for min 2 days. In case of any swelling, it is advisable that you must consult the transplant expert in Lucknow immediately.
  2. Pain: Although local anaesthesia is often administered at the time of hair replacement or transplant treatment, you may still feel some pain after the effect wears off. In most cases, the pain is bearable if in case you are experiencing too much pain, then your doctor will prescribe you certain painkillers to manage it. The pain is temporary and often reduces with time.
  3. Numbness: It is not possible to prevent it. Generally, in case of a hair transplant numbness happens in the donor are and usually lasts for 18 weeks it is the maximum period. However, it does not go away after 18 weeks, and then you must consult your hair transplant surgeon or consult the doctor at the implant center in Lucknow.
  4. Bleeding: On a very rare occasion, you may experience bleeding in case of hair transplant service in Lucknow. However, it can easily be controlled by applying some pressure on the point where it is bleeding.
  5. Infection: Infection again is a very occurrence and will only occur if the tools used are not sterilized properly, or the overall cleanliness of the clinic is questionable. Therefore, it is of great importance that you must carefully select a clinic in Lucknow to undergo hair implant surgery that too from an expert with an excellent track record. The infection can be easily treated with antibiotics, but considering prevention is better than cure. Therefore chances of infection due to hair replacement must be curtailed as much as possible.
  6. Temporary thinning of hair: It doesn’t matter whether the hair transplant surgery you have undergone is costly or the price is on the lower side; it doesn’t matter whether the doctor or surgeon is experienced, temporary thinning of hair is highly common immediately after the hair implant procedure. However, the hair will grow back, as the existing hair on the scalp will fall to provide passage for the new hair growth.

Not all of these side effects occur in everyone. You are most likely to get affected only in case your skin care is too sensitive. You are unlikely to suffer from more than 2 to 3 types of side effects. However, these side effects are only temporary, and they are worth the effort as this highly cost-effective surgery at transplantation centers enables you to fulfil your life by growing your hair back.

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