Hair Transplant in India

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Hair Transplant in India 

India has been acknowledged globally as a helpful and friendly nation. It has always kept an “open door” policy for short term immigrants, especially those who need a medical treatment. Medical tourism in India has been growing tremendously over the past few years. This has boomed up the Hair Transplant industry in India and has also demonstrated the need to improvise the Indian Government policies that facilitate the influx of international patients.

Hair loss is slightly different in nature from hair fall and is always non-recoverable. Hair fall can be treated and hair growth can be restored with a help of various surgical and non-surgical medical treatments. Hair Transplant is a commonly practiced surgical hair regrowth mechanism in India. With the availability of pocket friendly Hair Transplant surgery in hygienic environment, India is fast becoming a medical hub for international patients looking for hair restoration methodologies.

Hair Transplant in India is not a very complicated procedure but does require a specialist who has the capability to provide expert advice on technique to be used for hair restoration. Hair Transplant industry is about four decades old in India and has numerous doctors performing hair transplant surgery from trichology clinics and hospitals that are widely spread across the country. Many renowned doctors also have their private stand-alone clinics to cater to international patients that require counseling and complete knowledge of the procedure including the details of the expected results. 

International patients travel from far off countries too, in order to get the treatment or surgery done for their Hair restoration. They need a comfortable and hygienic place for boarding and lodging. They also need specialized care by educated support staff. Some international patients come for the first time and also require day to day medical counseling as they are not well-aware of the Hair Transplant procedures conducted in India. Bald scalp hair transplant, eye brow, beard and moustache restoration and even body Hair Transplant is sought by international patients. They need guidance on whether to use FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or a combination of both these techniques of Hair Transplant. And of course, there is pressure on their pocket too. Hair Transplant industry in India offers to cater to all these issues and concerns of international patients. India has numerous trichology centres that not only perform Hair Transplant but also facilitate guided stay for these international patients in India. 

When compared with developed countries like the United States or the United Kingdom, India offers Hair Transplant surgery at affordable cost, using world class techniques. Availability of expertise and specialist doctors is easily possible in India as individual consultation and care is mostly very expensive in these developed countries. The Government of India ensures that Hair Transplant surgery cases of international patients are handled on priority and they are given a quick resolution to issues related to their travel to India.

This has resulted in India becoming a preferred location for Hair Transplant.

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